Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Pink Meringue Bites

Pink Meringue Bites - when you've got a bit leftover...

Hello meringue. 

I have enough of you to... do what? 

Certainly not enough left to cover those twelve cupcakes I see waiting in the back there. I could whip up a few more eggs and make this a party but I am feeling adventurous and ready to try something different. 

How about cute little Meringue Bites?

This literally took minutes to whip together (pun) and then they took 30 minutes in the oven (although I would be careful to check them at 20 minutes, especially if they are smaller than the ones I made). See here that they have been casually dropped onto a lightly buttered piece of parchment paper with cornflour sprinkled onto it. 

Why not regular flour? 

I do not know. 

My mom the Pavlova Princess (more to come on that one) said it makes all the difference.

Aka she has no idea either. 

Preheat the oven to 400 F and then, just as you are about to put these in, drop the heat to 250 F.

 Oh yeah - and I added some pink food dye too! Being Easter and all, I thought a little light pink fluff would fit in just perfectly among all the other too-cute-to-be-true things that happen this time of year.

Like this:

and this:

and definitely this, so sad it makes it cute puppy:

See! It's an excess of cuteness this time of year - and the desserts you eat should be no exception! 

I DO wish I had put more pink dye in the meringues. Lesson learned. But they have a pretty cute pink inside! 

Hm... makes me wonder how I could combine colours to make multicoloured meringues, and ones with surprise coloured insides. Seriously, they are so easy and satisfying to nibble on, it would be silly to just stop here. 

I used some of my left over yellow buttercream icing and made meringue sandwiches. 

Be careful: the icing is a lot heavier than the meringues (obvious) so be really careful when spreading not the break them (not to so obvious to me, apparently. Please don't make me tell you how many I shmooshed).

Paired with some of those delicious yellow-hued lemon cupcakes and you've got a perfect tea time treat for one. I mean, two. or four. 

Okay, maybe I ate all of those by myself. 

It's likely. 


Regardless... happy tea time! Or late night snack! or sinfully delicious breakfast!

Also, doesn't Vancouver make for a beautiful back drop?

Summer is coming!

And so is another ice cream cake.

and a pavlova. 

Stay tuned! 

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